VellaShape III - Cellulite Treatment

Provided in Warwick, NY

What is VelaShape III?

An estimated 92% of women over the age of 18 have cellulite, regardless of their size, shape or weight. There are a number of ways to try to treat the problem with varying degrees of success. Exercise can’t get to the root of the problem, creams and lotions just don’t work, and liposuction doesn’t treat cellulite or skin texture, not to mention the risks and recovery time of surgery.

Perhaps the best solution is VelaShape III, the gold standard in cellulite treatment and circumferential reduction. This FDA approved treatment is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite as well as reduce the circumference of the treated area. VelaShape III is non-invasive, is safe and effective on all skin types and involves no downtime. Get to that perfect fit. Stop saying “What if” and start making your best fit happen!

Alora Laser Spa is the premier VelaShape III provider in NY. We use the most advanced light energy and RF technology to provide a results-oriented body contouring program. Call us today (845) 508-6605 to schedule a free consultation! ​

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How does VelaShape III work?

Using vacuum technology to manipulate your skin, VelaShape III uses bi-polar radio frequency technology and infrared light energy to precisely heat the dermal tissue and fat cells under your skin. The heated molecules stimulate cellular metabolism and lymphatic drainage, and induce the formation of collagen and elastin in the area. The result: a localized reduction in circumference and overall reduction in the appearance of cellulite.​

Benefits of a VelaShape III Treatment:

  • Reduces the appearance of Cellulite
  • Contours your body in those trouble spots that diet and exercise can’t reach
  • Achieve firmer & smoother skin without downtime
  • Safe and effective for all skin types

What to expect from your VelaShape III Treatment?

Most guests describe treatments as comfortable and similar to a warm deep tissue massage. Treatment sensation may vary and your clinician will accommodate your individual level of sensitivity and comfort. VelaShape III is safe for all skin types and have no short or long term health effects.

You will begin to notice gradual improvement of the treated area right away as your skin’s surface starts to feel smoother and firmer. Results are cumulative and most guests require between 3 and 5 sessions spaced two weeks apart for optimal results. Over time you will notice a smaller circumference throughout the treated area as well as a reduction in the appearance of cellulite. Your best results will be seen in about 10 weeks.

VelaShape III Aftercare?

It is normal to experience a warm sensation for a few hours after your treatment. Your skin may appear pink after treatment. With no surgical incisions or artificial fillers, this treatment requires no downtime and results look natural and healthy. We will provide you with a detailed aftercare nutrition program to deliver the most results out of your treatments. Following your complete treatment regimen, we recommend that you receive maintenance VelaShape III treatments every 3-6 months.Like all techniques, invasive or non-invasive, results will last longer if you follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly. While each person is different, most of our guests achieve excellent results from our body contouring programs. Even so, it is not a substitution for healthy lifestyle choices. If you don’t already follow a healthy regimen, we recommend you follow our aftercare program and make lifestyle changes accordingly

Before and After Pictures: