A Wide Selection of Premium Scrubs


Eucalyptus Spruce Salt Scrub

This deep relaxation blend promotes a calm mind and body. Moisturize your body with Vitamin E and the healing of ayurvedic oils.


Korean Scrub

The benefits of Korean body scrubs include smoothing out dry patches, lighting unwanted pigmentation, improving circulation of blood and lymph nodes, reducing water weight, preventing wrinkles, reducing cellulite, and getting rid of toxins and waste. Your skin will feel amazingly soft and squeaky clean.


Lavender Scrub

A rich, moisturizing body scrub that exfoliates the skin leaving it soft and revitalized.


Citrus Body Polish/Scrub

A simply amazing body polish. When massaged into the skin it not only exfoliates, but hydrates the skin as the active moisturizer base is absorbed. Simply brush off the remaining apricot seed granules. Leaving skin renewed, soft, silky and hydrated. Pleasantly scented with lemon, orange and lime essential oils.