Body Wraps

The Power Body Wrap-  Could possibly lose 6 to 20 inches

The proprietary mineral solution used for our Power Body Wrap is a combination of all natural inorganic electrolytes and minerals mixed with distilled water. This solution is 100% safe and provides you with essential nutrients that allow the body to eliminate built-up toxins and impurities. 

The mineral solution is applied to your body through the use of ace bandages, using certified wrap techniques. Then with light aerobic exercise, the toxins and surrounding fluids are released. The combination of cleansing and compression with this wrap. This will leave you feeling thinner, tighter, and toned. This wrap gets great results across the body leaving you feeling refreshed and energized. 

Additional benefits of this wrap include cellulite reduction, stress reduction, and relief of pain caused from swelling and inflammation of the muscles and soft tissue.


The Ultimate Results" Trim Wrap Typical Inch Loss Results 4 to 10 Inches.

The Slimming Body Wrap uses the same proprietary blend of mineral solution we use for our Power Body Wrap but offers a more targeted approach to inch loss. This wrap focuses on the arms, stomach, and thighs and still provides impressive results without light aerobic activity. This wrap is a relaxing way to bask in the warmth of our mineral solution while shedding unwanted inches, cellulite, and impurities in the body.  This is great for Weight Loss.

The Dream Wrap

This wrap is newly designed by Suddenly Slender in response to the demand for reclining inch-loss wrap.

The solution is still pH balanced for human skin and contains the same minerals as the Body Wrap, but in a different concentration. The Dream Wrap is not a substitute for the Body Wrap. But is meant to be used with it. It is recommended that the Dream Wrap be alternated with the Body Wrap for the best overall inch-loss results.

During the Dream Wrap, the wrap the body is wrapped in a blanket and saturated with a warm, mineral solution. By reclining for an hour, the wrap uses the benefits of gravity, which is pulling the abdominal area down. Therefore, the main results will be inch loss in the torso and abdominal area.

The Dream Wrap is a great way to tighten and tone the chest, tummy, and abdominal areas, as well as receive the relaxing benefits of the minerals. Sweet Dreams!


Lipase Fat- Burner Power Wrap

This is a Double Wrap.

Step 1: First, clients are wrapped with an enzyme solution called “Lipase”. Lipase is an enzyme that helps to break down fat (lipo). The client I in this wrap for 40 minutes. AS with all active wraps, we encourage light exercising in order to promote optimum circulation of the lipase solution throughout the body.

Step 2: After the Lipase Wrap, the client is wrapped a second time in the Power Body Wrap solution. This wrap lasts 60 minutes. The Power Body must be delivered following the Lipase wrap. The Lipase solution helps to break down some of the “hard fat tissue”. While the minerals in the Power Wrap help replenish minerals and flush out your system. This helps tighten and firm the softer tissue. Clients may see amazing results with this special, double wrap.



Doctors use MSM o treat pain and stiffness to joints, muscles, and tendons and to reduces swelling and inflammation.

MSM is also used as an Anti- Wrinkle remedy!

MSM is a naturally occurring organic form of sulfur. Medical doctors have been using MM to treat pain and stiffness in joints, muscles and tendons, and to reduce swelling and inflammation. MSM also reduces scar tissue and contributes to young, beautiful tight skin. Studies also show that MSM can be an effective anti-wrinkle skin-remedy. Add MSM to your wrap for additional benefits


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