A Wide Selection of Premium Body Treatments

Body Treatments

Apricot Body Polish

Gentle exfoliation with micronized loofa and apricot sea powder. Benefits dry, weathered, or dull skin with moisture binding and refining effects of wheat and apricot amino acids. Followed by luxurious body creams to seal in moisture.

(45 mins) $120

Hungarian Salt-Glow Treatment

Mineral salts mixed with essential oils that are rubbed into the skin to gently exfoliate the whole body. Then, luxurious lotions are used, leaving the skin silky smooth.

(45 mins) $110

Seaweed Purifying Treatment

Seaweed, noted for its cleansing properties, is applied to the body with botanical extracts. The body is wrapped completely, allowing toxins to be released while actually slimming.

(50 mins) $125

Invigoration Massage

This treatment incorporates a full-body exfoliation with apricot Body Polish or Hungarian Salt-Glow, along with a spa style massage, leaving your skin soft and radiant while relaxing your muscles.

(50 mins) $185

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Anti-Aging Perfecting Wrap

Anti-Aging Perfecting Wrap

Achieve total skin renewal with this ultimate body peel treatment that is both gentle and effective. Our Alora wellness spa specialists begin the treatment with a mask rich in alpha hydroxy acids, a blend that targets sun damage and age spots by evening out skin tone in a warmed wrap. Completed with an exfoliating body scrub that lifts dead skin cells and creates silky soft skin! Achieve ultimate relaxation with our nourishing orange blossom hand and foot treatment and Ayurveda Warm-Oil Scalp Massage. A final application of a nourishing lotion assists the body’s own healing mechanisms to tone, soothe, and restore the skin’s natural moisture balance.

50min $149

Ayurveda Perfecting Hand or Foot Treatment

Discover the South Pacific’s secret to beautiful skin. An amazing two-in-one body treatment! This natural body polishing treatment enhances your skin’s own natural rejuvenation process for glowingly beautiful skin. Naturally occurring alpha hydroxy agents in raw sugar cane soften and smooth skin. Cold-pressed virgin coconut and drift nut oils lock in moisture and condition your skin. Add this hand or foot enhancement to any Alora wellness spa massage or facial to buff away dry, dead skin, and leave your hands or feet feeling incredibly soft and smooth! 

30min $85

Warm-Oil Scalp Treatment

A traditional Ayurveda ritual used to slowly drizzle warmed, exotic oils onto your scalp and neck. We gently massage those areas, restoring balance and leaving your hair shiny and healthy. You will find this treatment to be a luxurious and relaxing enhancement to your Alora Wellness Spa  experience!

Min30 $65

Nourishing Antioxidant Wrap

Combat the visible effects of skin’s aging and restore the appearance of younger, more toned skin with active and nourishing ingredients. This treatment begins with a raw cane sugar scrub followed with a nourishing guava fruit body masque rich with anti-aging botanicals and vitamin C. Enjoy an Alora Wellness spa warm oil scalp massage for the ultimate relaxation. Leave feeling hydrated and nourished with an unparalleled glow!

50min $139

Purifying Detox Wrap

Do more for your body with our Alora Wellness Spa Purifying Detox Body Wrap. Reduce the load of stress and environmental factors while boosting circulation, stimulating metabolism, and relieving the body of harmful toxins. Impurities and dead skin cells are lifted gently from the skin with our dual performance body masque. A combination of Dilo Nut Rub and detoxifying ginger stimulates circulation, detoxifies and nourishes the skin with essential fatty acids. Warmed stones amplify the benefits and provide deep relaxation for optimal results. Sink deeper into relaxation, while being pampered with a nourishing hand and foot treatment, along with an Ayurvedic Warm-Oil Scalp Treatment!

50min $129